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So what’s next for Alvaro Soler? Any new concerts, songs and projects to come?

“My second album will be released in September. It is called “Mar de Colores” and I’m very excited about to see what people think. I believe it’s an evolution of what happened before and everything that I’ve lived through in these past four years to the person that I am today. And as I said the first album was rather an experiment, and this time I’m fully aware that people can’t wait to hear it. But this encouraged me to show people what I can do best. And then we have several concerts this summer around Europe and then we are going to do a big tour next year in 2019. And that’s it! So hopefully we are going to see each other in Turkey soon, I’d love to go there. Thank you so much! Adios!

Alvaro you became known with your worldwide debut summer hit „El mismo sol“. The song reached the charts in 12 countries and was certified as Platinum in countries like Poland, Switzerland, Italy and Spain. How do you feel about it nowadays? Does it put any pressure on you for your upcoming work?

“Of course, this puts some pressure on you but in a good way. You know It is something that is also a blessing, because it gives you the opportunity to write music and to know that this is going to be heard by a lot more people than in the beginning. I think that is really cool and has an impact on your work – when I’m writing music now, I can imagine the Live Concerts and the Video already. So yeah – I think that has changed and this I a good thing. But I don’t feel a pressure to create something bigger than before – my experience is that when I continue working hard as I always did, it’ll turn into something good in the end.”


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Speaking of genres: your songs mainly include the pop latino vibes. How do you identify yourself with this genre and in which way do you connect with it?

“For me, it was the first time ever that I did Latino Pop myself. I was always doing all kinds of music but normally in English, so that was the first time I was writing in Spanish, which was a good challenge and something I liked to do because I enjoy trying out new stuff. So in the beginning it was just a challenge and an experiment for me but somehow it worked out really well and now I’m the guy who writes Spanish music, which is really funny. I mean I always used to listen to Spanish music by Gloria Estefan, Shakira and so on. So I quess it was always in me but since I lived in Japan for a while I always felt that English as a language is more international. Turns out Spanish is the better choice for me!”

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